Equal Justice for All – Candidate Wins District Attorney of San Francisco Election

Election November, 5th !

Chesa Boudin is a public defender who is running for District Attorney of San Francisco. Because of his stance on issues of justice he has been under attack by the local political ‘machine’, which has allowed killer cops to go unpunished and the ongoing criminalization of youth and people who are homeless in its streets. He has pledged to end these policies and in his words  “make sure the criminal justice system works for everyone – not just the rich and powerful”. Groups in San Francisco such as Mothers on the March Against Police Murders, which doesn’t usually back electoral candidates, have come out in support of his candidacy. Chesa Boudin’s parents were incarcerated when he was a child for their radical political activity, and he is passionate about helping to get real justice in society. This video expresses the people’s program.



Disclaimer. Although we at the People’s Tribune do not endorse candidates for political office, we report on the programs candidates or groups put forth that are in the interest of the fight for justice and social transformation, as expressed in the electoral arena or in the streets. 


Election night victory speech, 11/5/2019

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