Uprisings More than Minneapolis Murder

Rally for Justice in Atlanta, Georgia, June, 2020. Photo/John Ramspott

Published on PTLN 6-3-20

Uprisings More than Minneapolis Murder

By Kenneth Shook

Few people will look at the tv and say why
Why are THEY doing that to THEIR community
The officers were fired it’s done
Yet it is not done
People across the country are frustrated
No matter THEIR race
The uprisings are not just about George Floyd’s murder
The uprisings are about the thousands of black men murdered hours, days, weeks, decades, centuries before
The uprisings are about the millions of black people harassed every day by the police in the US
The uprisings are about the millions of black people disproportionately incarcerated
The uprisings are about the disproportionate number of black people dying from COVID19
Not from “their” health or “their” diseases
Not because “their” community is different from “our” community
THEY are more likely to get turned away
THEY are more likely to get left out of services that maintain a healthy community
THEY were created different hundreds of years ago
NOW is the time to think how we’re the same
NOW is the time to support the calls for justice
NOW is the time to accept that the THEY vs. US is destroying our communities
THUS WE must do something different to build better communities with less suffering
Communities with healthy resources for all
Communities that do not punish based on race
Communities that support most those with least
Communities that own our resources and distribute them according to need
Communities that reconcile past atrocities: murders, theft of resources, theft of labor, side eyes, hunting of humans, harassment, illegal interrogation, illegal prosecution, suppression of voice, kidnapping, slavery, lynching, being followed, racist propaganda, racist marketing, racist movies, racist news, suppressed career advancement, declining of bank loans for a home or a car, declined access to a store, declined access to a community, declined access to a club, declined access to a school, declined access to a safe street, declined access to a safe park, missed taxis, unimplemented policies, destroyed families… THUS we must recognize all of these atrocities happen in OUR community
The bounds were made up on purpose to divide US and must be corrected now
We can no longer accept division THUS we must come together to demand justice, reconcile the past, and build something totally new
A community beautiful, accessible, and safe for ALL.

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