Investigating Human Rights Abuses at the Border

The extension of the wall along the US southern border has done environmental and cultural damage and sparked protests.

Dear Friends,

Please see links below to recordings of the “Zooming to the Border for Human Rights” online panel discussions held from August to October, 2020, about conditions facing migrants, asylum seekers and residents of border communities along the U.S.-Mexico border. The testimony presented by the 27 panelists was compelling, and it’s important to get the message out widely about the human rights violations being committed by our government along our border, and the heroic resistance of the migrants, refugees and border communities. A full report is being compiled to be delivered later this year to the United Nations and to state and national authorities in the U.S. Thanks so much for your continued support. Please circulate the links to these recordings widely.

Laura Garcia, El Tribuno del Pueblo

Bob Lee, People’s Tribune




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