Debunking Medicare For All Myths – HR 1384

Video above recommend by People’s Tribune Reader Peggy. 

She wrote “That most people mean when they say they like private health insurance is that they like going to their current health care provider and have been told that will not have that choice with Medicare for All.  But the truth is that with HR 1384, the new and improved Medicare for All bill, they will have more choice – they can continue to go to their current provider but also have the freedom to change if they want.  No more narrow networks!  Also, the services provided will be comprehensive, equal to or better than what they may be covered for now, and everyone will be included.  With regard to taxes, just think of your current premiums, co-pays and deductibles as private taxes; any new taxes from for Medicare for All will be less for practically everyone than what they pay now”

In this post to the People’s Tribune Latest News website we highlight some issues addressed by presidential candidates. Our aim is to help our readers determine what program might help “we, the people” continue our fight for a society and government that serves the people, not the corporations. – The Editors

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Massive Movement Needed to Achieve Medicare for All

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