Mountain Valley Pipeline tree-sitters may be extracted today



Tree sit in Virginia protesting the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Video Still, Appalachians Against Pipelines

PLN 3.24.21

Mountain Valley Pipeline tree-sitters in Virginia may be extracted by authorities today

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Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) Yellow Finch tree sits in Virginia may be extracted today by authorities (it is tree sit day 931 and 128 days resisting an injunction against the tree-sits.) Tree-sitters are protesting the construction of the pipeline which will transport dirty fracked gas through Appalachia, endangering waterways, streams, jeopardizing endangered species and more, as the company seeks profits by advancing fossil fuels over renewables.

Go to the Facebook pages of Virginians Against Pipelines and Appalachians Against Pipelines for up-to-date information, to donate and to support. The voice of tree-sitters this morning can be heard in a video on the their Facebook pages. Virginians Against Pipeline writes, “Lots of cops are at the sits and they are closing Cove Hollow Rd.  The sheriff’s office has said they are not allowing media access on this public road — CALL TO DEMAND THAT THEY ALLOW MEDIA 540 382 6915.”

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