One Woman, in One RV, Exposes America’s Homeless Family Epidemic

Diane Nilan, author of a new book that exposes the magnitude of homelessness in America, with a focus on stories from homeless families and children.

One Woman, in One RV, Exposes America’s Homeless Family Epidemic

PTLN 12.19.2020

Dismazed and Driven: My Look at Family Homelessness in America’, a new book by Diane Nilan

The following are excerpts from a story on Diane Nilan’s new book published by The Reporters, Inc. See link below to the full story at

December 2020
“Editor’s Note: Chances are pretty good that you’ve never met anyone as selfless as Diane Nilan. In 2005, after decades working in homeless shelters, Diane left her job, sold most of her possessions, bought an RV, and set out to travel the country on a mission to reveal the true depths of America’s homelessness epidemic. Along the way, she interviewed and filmed the people she met, in order to expose the magnitude of an issue that only seems to worsen. Her focus was on families and children.

“400,000 miles, 49 states (all but Alaska!), several documentaries, and one pandemic later, Diane left the road, parked her RV, and settled in to write a memoir. In it, she chronicles her experiences, detailing the lives and the predicaments of a diverse group of people who are often overlooked, hidden, and forgotten.

“Her new book, Dismazed and Driven: My Look at Family Homelessness in America, has just been released. It takes readers inside the leaky tents, broken vans, decrepit motel rooms and cramped shelters where millions of families and children struggle with homelessness on any given day in the U.S. Her goal, as it’s always been, is to force much-needed change in a system that continues to fail the most vulnerable among us.

“Diane explains, “I’ve witnessed and documented the unheralded survival of courageous parents and kids whose homes have vanished for countless reasons. I wanted to hear from those most familiar with homelessness, those most invisible and most misunderstood. I wanted to be their instrument to let their voices be heard and their faces be seen.”

“The Reporters Inc. is honored to present these exclusive photos and excerpts from Dismazed and Driven (as well as links to some of Diane’s videos). These are stories that must be heard, and thankfully, Diane Nilan is telling them.”

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