People’s Needs Come First, says US Senate Candidate from W.V.

Paula Jean Swearengin, a coal miner’s daughter, is running for the US Senate from West Virginia

Published on PTLN 7-2820

People’s Needs Come First, says US Senate Candidate from W.V.

Interviewed by Sandy Reid of the People’s Tribune

We deserve representatives that are beholden to the people instead of corporations and lobbyists,” says Paula Jean Swearengin, a coal miner’s daughter from West Virginia who is running for US Senate for the second time. “Let’s send a message to Shelley Moore Capito [Paula’s opponent], Mitch McConnell and every other corporate puppet in Washington D.C., and let them know that the needs of the people come first,” she says.

My issues haven’t changed since 2018. They include economic diversity, long term solutions to the addiction epidemic, Medicare for all, a living wage, and we’re getting incredible support. I’m really proud that in West Virginia, a state stigmatized and labeled a ‘red state’, we have an amazing 100% people funded campaign. This week our amazing team is kicking off phone banking in the coalfields again. In the age of COVID, we have to be inventive to ensure the campaign reaches voters in our hills and hollers, and my campaign has done really well with digital marketing.”

Paula says the whole narrative in West Virginia has changed since 2018. “We have a whole movement of 93 candidates, mostly Democrats, and independents, even some Republicans, who do not take corporate PAC dollars, and 43 of those candidates won their races and the primaries. And this is the first time in West Virginia ‘s history — it’s been a hundred years since women have been voting — that every democratic nominee for Congress in the first, second and third congressional district in West Virginia are all women — and we’re all progressive women. And every campaign is a people funded campaign. So not a single one of the Democratic nominees are taking corporate PAC dollars. So that’s really, really nice. We’ve made history. It would be amazing to have four strong Appalachian women in Congress. We’re coordinating with each other and we’re also coordinating with the down ballot candidates that got through the primary. It really solidifies that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. I’m incredibly proud of my state.”

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