Police Pepper Spray 9-year-old Girl Inside Police Car


Video Still, Facebook, Beau of the Fifth Column

PTLN 2/2/20

Police Pepper Spray 9-year-old Girl inside Police Car

Below are excerpts from comments made in a video by Beau of the Fifth Column on the pepper spraying by Rochester, NY police of a handcuffed 9-year-old girl inside a police car on January 29, 2021. 

‘Let’s talk about what happened last night’  

“. . . So today we’re going to talk about what happened in Rochester, NY. The Rochester Police Department had somebody send me a request to talk about it . . .

…”Let me just start off by saying that there are not going to be a whole lot of situations in which I find pepper spraying a handcuff nine-year-old child appropriate. That’s pretty much always going to be wrong in my book, but that’s what happened. If you’re not familiar with it yet —  to use their terminology, there was a family problem. The child was being removed from the home. The child didn’t want to get in the [police] car. So they pepper sprayed her while she was there. The union has already gone into, into defense mode, talking about how, uh, how hard it is to get an adult into a car. Just imagine how tough that is. Yeah. I have a video on, and I’ll put it down below for you guys since y’all obviously need some help. I would point out that this wasn’t an adult. It was a child, a nine-year-old handcuffed child . . .

“ The [police]union rep talked about how stressful it is to be a cop coming off of one call going to the next, this stuff doesn’t occur in a vacuum and all of that stuff. Yeah. Uh, nobody cares. Nobody cares. If you cannot handle the different types of calls and you cannot compartmentalize what occurs on the different calls, you shouldn’t be a cop. If you can’t get a handcuff nine-year-old child and not a suspect, a child into the back of a car without using pepper spray, you shouldn’t be a cop . . .

“ . . .   You have the union up there standing between two thin blue line flags attempting to defend the indefensible. And then they will wonder why people want to defund them and provide more funding to mental health professionals. This is why that slogan exists. You pepper sprayed a handcuffed kid in a traumatic situation. Congratulations, we as a society really have to look at how we deal with law enforcement in this country. We should probably move to consent based policy. Anyway, it’s just a thought guys. Have a good day.”

See the full video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Du7Q2Y0FVg&feature=youtu.be


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