A Gift of Hope-Art Racial Reconciliation Project



Walter Green working on his individual art piece after sharing his personal story related to racism. Photo Website: christianfeltmeyerphotography.com

PTLN 3.11.21

A gift of hope-Art Racial Reconciliation Project

By Chastity Mays

CARBONDALE, IL -The Art Racial Reconciliation Project is presented by A Gift of Love Charity’s Art Program. The aim of the project is to use art’s creative, limitless nature to stimulate solutions while therapeutically transforming an unfortunate testimony about racism into a creative experience.

The project’s initiative is to create a dynamic, energetic model for people, groups, or communities of all sizes to be able to copy because unlike the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) in Canada that began because of the treatment the Indigenous people of Canada faced at the hands of government supported residential schools that were intended to break indigenous children’s connections to their culture, family, and identity, the last one closing in the late 1990’s. The indigenous people in here in America from Africa and the diaspora struggle continues today. A Gift of Love Charity Inc’s Art Program – The Art Racial Reconciliation Project is one step closer to a nonviolent creative solution for a brighter future for all. The project will establish a community resource in Carbondale or anywhere else willing to use the Art Racial Reconciliation Model to provide victims or perpetrators a safe space for self-expression regarding the everyday pressure and experiences that are present in society that can be utilized to alleviate the problem for others.

Archiving the experiences in book volumes and creating documentaries serves the function of increasing awareness of the particulars that take place and the common overall tragedy it plays in people’s lives. Also, with an accumulation of the archives, one will more easily be able to determine through documented testimonies areas that are most debilitating and detrimental and resolve them. With an ever-growing archive of documented incidents which will be imperative in using for recommendations to those responsible for change.

The various forms of Art intermingled with the experience serves as a rebirth agent also. Allowing the mind to reimagine, while participating in efforts to make the creative state a reality. A Gift of Love Charity’s Art Program partnered with Project Human X to facilitate the art component of the Art Racial Reconciliation Project. Project Human X’s specialty is the Fine Arts; however, the Art Racial Reconciliation Project is not limited to the fine arts but to the Art form that best fits the area and organization administering the project.

Funding is an ever-growing concern for the projects continuance so whoever sees value in this effort toward Reconciliation through documented hearings using Art Forms are asked to support any way possible and we are grateful for any support that we receive.

Contact: Chastity Mays

Facebook: A Gift of Love Charity, Inc.
Instagram: giftoflovechairtyinc

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