Stop Evictions Demands Kansas City Tenants

Photo/Chase Castor

Stop Evictions Demands Kansas City Tenants

We are calling for an immediate moratorium on rent increases, evictions/foreclosures, and utility shut-offs. We are also calling for deeply, rapidly expanded services for our community members experiencing homelessness.


Kansas City is in the middle of a public health crisis. This crisis affects and will affect our poor and working class community members the most, especially those experiencing homelessness. Kansas Citians who are housing-insecure or currently homeless at a higher risk of being exposed to the virus, becoming ill, and suffering catastrophic health outcomes. Low-income tenants are also at risk if they get ill and/or cannot work (because they’re monitoring symptoms, at risk, watching kids, etc.) and therefore can’t make their rent.

This crisis requires an immediate moratorium (halt) on rent increases evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut-offs. We must also strategically and deeply expand services for people experiencing homelessness.

Evictions and homelessness significantly worsen the threat posed by COVID-19. In order to halt widespread displacement from our homes and our jobs or businesses which would only worsen the current situation, we are calling on every level of government: state, county, and municipal to take the necessary steps, immediately.

We will have tools to share from model policy around the country by end of day tomorrow Friday, March 13), and our leaders are available to review any policies/strategies being considered by elected officials.

SIGN ON IN SUPPORT and we will follow up with next steps:

Many states/counties/cities are adopting such measures. We will put out a running list by tomorrow.
===> Miami Dade County has ordered a moratorium on evictions:
===>New York State has introduced legislation to halt evictions:

Photo by Chase Castor for The Pitch Kansas City, edited by us.

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