VOTE: Restore Humanism, Compassion, Common Sense, says Doctor

T-shirts say “State of Emergency, VOTE.” Photo/ Stephen Antony Beasley

PTLN 10-31-20

VOTE: Restore Humanism, Compassion, Common Sense, says Doctor

By Dr. Kamini Doobay

NEW YORK CITY — At a campaign rally in Wisconsin on Saturday, President Trump told his supporters that “doctors get more money and hospitals get more money” if they say people died from COVID-19 rather than their comorbidity — a conspiracy theory he pushed that has been debunked.

I did not think that the president would go that low. While I do not think that doctors are heroes nor should we have savior complexes as we have just been doing what we took an oath to do, we do not deserve that kind of disrespect. Many of us have had COVID, been hospitalized, and/or lost loved ones. Many of us have had inadequate PPE at the peak of the pandemic, worked 24 hour shifts in the ICU or back to back shifts in the ED, intubated countless patients, and/or have had people die in our hands. All of us have exposed ourselves daily and sacrificed so much to help others. 

We fiercely fought misinformation, and led underground campaigns to educate the general public. When our leaders failed us and failed our nation, we stepped up – not to be martyrs, not for financial gain, but because it was and is our duty. The president’s claim is not only baseless and ludicrous, it is insulting and harmful. We need a leader who will provide hope and vision, who values science and evidence, and who leads by example. VOTE to restore humanism, compassion, and common sense. #vote2020

This article is from a Facebook post, published with permission from the author, Dr. Kamini Doobay, an Emergency Medicine Resident and an organizer at NYC Coalition to Dismantle Racism in the Health System.

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