We are the Women in a Pandemic

We are the Women in a Pandemic


Women’s liberation is humanity’s
International Women’s Day March 8


woman and Georgia Elections
Georgia Elections. Women in the forefront.

We are women always. We take care of humanity. We are called to serve again. We learn from the working women, we learn from each other, we take care of each other.

Noteworthy, Jacinda Arden said, “You just have to get on with it. There’s a job to be done. Any self-doubt we ever have, just as a human being, doesn’t mean that always translates into doubt around what needs to be done.” She saved New Zealand from COVID twice.

Among millions of women: young workers, health workers, home workers, women of all colors, we are always somewhere, nurturing, helping, quietly and in chanting in the streets. We reject racism, gender violence, sexual harassment, macho cultures, victim blaming, and misogyny, and indecent living conditions.

We inspire and explode movements. This is nothing new for us: we sacrifice, we protect all in our scope. We don’t make new goals; we steadfastly sustain the best lives possible.

Sometimes we perish, like the mother who had to leave her child home to go to work and was arrested. Sometimes we suffer to stay home so our children don’t have to go to unsafe schools. Sometimes we take the risk to send our children there because we cannot survive otherwise. Some of us suffer and die at the violent end of a domestic partner. We strive to save as many victims as we can.

Chicago teachers
Chicago teachers support Fight for 15 workers.

Our heroines, like Karen Jennings Lewis, [the late former Chicago Teachers Union president] echo the roots of women over a hundred years ago, and conquer a dangerous administration the size of the City of Chicago. Some of us walk with her.

Some of us stay home and mind the store. Some of us don’t even see the struggle.

We teach each other. We share information and active suggestions about the tenacious struggle against oppression, inequality, and exploitation. Some of us are homeless. Some of us are rich. All of us are teachers and nurses of some kind. We approach all with humility, patience, and flexibility. We listen.

We are the Women in a Pandemic and we will be here ‘til the end of humanity, taking care.

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