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Fists on Fire: Poetry from the Heart of the Revolution

dark age

by Sarah Menefee

we are entering a dark age said my son
with this war they begin it
they have been doing it all my life
some of it we remember
an old woman's poor limbs
crippled into a tiger cage
times a million again and again
the night before I woke with a cry
my limbs and the world electrified and hallucinogenic
bodies scattered in the streets
all these years: another autumn
the long nights coming on
disabled veteran & wife
married two years
trying to survive
I see people sleeping in the doorways my lover says
don't they get cold and sick?
they die of it: pneumonia and emphysema
abandonment and despair
a very long torture: pushing and hiding and curled-up exhaustion
in the red tents of suffering
the maimed and burned and frozen stretch angelic limbs
up toward the moon
and the ruby of the rising sun

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