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Fists on Fire: Poetry from the Heart of the Revolution


by Jack Hirschman

For the Capobianco Gallery

Not just elsewhere
but right here
in North Beach
the power of painting
to provoke and endure

has called out
the old hatreds:
death-threats, spittle,
a physical attack on
a gallery owner by

detestable worms
from the fascist can of abuse
that's been thrown wide-open.
Enough! When the people
gather, what's been terrifying

turns to dust.
And brushstrokes turn into
the proverbial thumbs
in the eyes of
the censoring war thugs,

because the freedom
to create a work of art
is of the deepest affirmation
of the human heart
and its very deathlessness

is why no violence can
ever long prevent the beauty
of its truth of liberty from being
triumphant in its struggle
against the lies of the living dead.

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