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Fists on Fire: Poetry from the Heart of the Revolution

for Sue Ying Peery: In Loving Memory

by Sarah Menefee (January 2003)

do I remember right? her family marching in a Mayday celebration
a poor family evicted lived for a time in a car: I see Harlem and Chinatown and the Depression
she was a child but she marched with the same passionate clarity as all her vivid life: as her art:
I see the red of that passion and its understanding: a beautiful flame of a girl
I heard her tell it in her strong soft voice: maybe I remember it wrong
but she lit up such a vision in our minds: of the future as it must be
of justice as heart's desire: of the radiant struggle
transformative beauty: in universal sister and brother
the poor and forgotten: ever-emergent and never-forgotten
beautiful spirit streaming in the revolution of the cosmos

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