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Fists on Fire: Poetry from the Heart of the Revolution


by Jack Hirschman

Comrade Sue
Comrade Sue Ying
Comrade Sue Ying Peery,
a superb communist

with the inky edge of strength
in a people's woodblock,
with arms of a dancer.
feet of a poem firmly planted
in homeless ground,

Village girl who never stopped
learning, always showed herself
learning, curious about everything,
learning being
the example of her teaching
the beauty of justice
by heart and open mind,
studying the modern masters
of thought in action
as if they were natural brothers,
marching with her brothers
naturally in demonstrations,
designing posters to forward
the struggle, and weaning
the young on all the arts
she moved so vividly
and lovingly among.

Without a backward step.
No step back for such a woman,
who knew where the energy
of living creation comes from,
strives toward,
knew what beaconing means
in these days of darkest nights
and how a poem or a drawing
is a writing on the wall of Death
that drills Death to death
and lets revolution's breath
break through the dammed present
with the presence of the surge
of the ultimate river.

Comrade Sue
Comrade Sue Ying
Comrade Sue Ying Peery,
superb communist,

you live forever.

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